Keram-plus (домашняя страница)


Many industrial processes are the main minerals of the necessary material . They have become an important component , for example in the production of steel and refractory material , the casting industry and metallurgy, electronics, plastics , ceramics, abrasive materials. Based on the need and frequency of use of minerals , we have created and optimized our product range .
Thanks to long-term cooperation with our partners , we can take care of all the logistics – to deliver the materials to your liking and needs prior to any final destination . This way, you can concentrate on your core business.

The Central Office

Karla Marksa Str., 1A, of. 602

Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine, 49005

tel. +38 (056) 756 91 30

fax +38 (056) 756 91 31


Representation in RF

Kharkovskiy Str., 36d, Belgorod

The Russian Federation, 308000

tel. +7 (4722) 24 00 10

fax +7 (4722) 24 00 10


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