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Consumption of fluorspar in the world occur in the production of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and of plavikovoĭ acid used for more complex chemical soedineniĭ based fluoride (cryolite and aluminum fluoride), fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants and fluorine plastic (used for the production of special plastic izdeliĭ – teflon , and others).

Mexico , Iran, Kitaĭ


  • as chernoĭ flux in metallurgy;
  • as the additive component -tion welding electrodes increase the strength and quality of the welds;
  • in atomnoĭ industry – for the preparation of uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) – the intermediate product in the enrichment and regeneration of nuclear fuel;
  • when cooking glass ( to reduce the melting point and increase transparency) and emaleĭ (to reduce the temperature of melting and provide color );
  • in tsementnoĭ industry – for reducing the firing temperature klinkernoĭ mixture and the quality of cement;
  • impregnation of wood NaF solution for pre – dohraneniya izdeliĭ wood from rotting;
  • for dissolution and etching plavikovoĭ kislotoĭ metals and glass;
  • acid treatment barrels of oil wells to enhance oil recovery.


1000 kg net in big bege . 1500 kg net in big bege.

In an enclosed warehouse on wooden pallets. Garantiĭnogo life has not.


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