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Consumption of fluorspar in the world occur in the production of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and of plavikovoĭ acid used for more complex chemical soedineniĭ based fluoride (cryolite and aluminum fluoride), fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants and fluorine plastic (used for the production of special plastic izdeliĭ – teflon , and others).

Mexico , Iran, Kitaĭ


  • as chernoĭ flux in metallurgy;
  • as the additive component -tion welding electrodes increase the strength and quality of the welds;
  • in atomnoĭ industry – for the preparation of uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) – the intermediate product in the enrichment and regeneration of nuclear fuel;
  • when cooking glass ( to reduce the melting point and increase transparency) and emaleĭ (to reduce the temperature of melting and provide color );
  • in tsementnoĭ industry – for reducing the firing temperature klinkernoĭ mixture and the quality of cement;
  • impregnation of wood NaF solution for pre – dohraneniya izdeliĭ wood from rotting;
  • for dissolution and etching plavikovoĭ kislotoĭ metals and glass;
  • acid treatment barrels of oil wells to enhance oil recovery.


1000 kg net in big bege . 1500 kg net in big bege.

In an enclosed warehouse on wooden pallets. Garantiĭnogo life has not.


Ilmenite lump

In addition ilmenite smelting process generates nitrides and carbonitrides of titanium – compound with high temperature resistance , which are deposited on the inside lining of the blast furnace and provides rapid generation of containment , thereby extending the life of refractories.

This product has been successfully operating on the Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises , such as Enakiyevo Steel , Mariupol . Ilyich , Zaporizhstal , Iron & Steel Works , and others. Has successfully established itself as the material forming the ledge on the surface of the refractory , thereby effectively extending the service life.


Mozhet stored in the open air



Insulating mixture isomers

Analogues of isomers from European manufacturers have 30 years of experience in the use of this material, and has become the primary protective coating material for the thermal insulation of valves for continuous casting , casting and tundish . With its high-quality properties and efficiency in the production of these products are very popular all over the world.
Our product is the result of burning of rice husk ( biogenic silica) – an environmentally safe reproducible raw materials. As an energy carrier of modern power plants that run on biofuel , rice hulls exposed incoming quality control. The incineration process is allocated no more CO2, than the plant absorbed from the atmosphere , i.e. behaves neutrally in relation to the carbon dioxide in the air. This technology is relatively new and has already proven successful for advanced metallurgical enterprises.
There are different versions of compositional mixtures , which differ in minor amounts of other plant waste (for example, the sunflower husk ash , etc.). However, the best results it shows net rice hull ash . In contact with molten steel material is rapidly forms a film , which dramatically reduces the absorption of oxygen and nitrogen the molten steel . At the same time, the coating absorbs the non-metallic inclusions ( alumina ) present in the molten steel , preventing the formation of accretions in the tundish.


The starting mixture

High- filler aperture for stalevypusknogo chemically and thermally inactive material to molten steel at the casting temperature and bringing it to the required characteristics. Bulk density – from 2.1 kg / dm ³ to 2.3 kg / dm ³ , depending on the brand . Black homogeneous material which has a high fluidity.

Filling holes stalevypusknogo slide gate or intermediate steel teeming ladles.

Ukraine ( made of South African chromite , quartz-bearing materials in Ukraine and carbonaceous materials made in Germany ).

Type of packaging and packing negotiated with the consumer.

Guaranteed shelf life – 1 year (provided the integrity of the packaging and the correct transport and storage conditions to ensure the prevention of wet material and its packaging).




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