Keram-plus (домашняя страница)

The starting mixture

High- filler aperture for stalevypusknogo chemically and thermally inactive material to molten steel at the casting temperature and bringing it to the required characteristics. Bulk density – from 2.1 kg / dm ³ to 2.3 kg / dm ³ , depending on the brand . Black homogeneous material which has a high fluidity.

Filling holes stalevypusknogo slide gate or intermediate steel teeming ladles.

Ukraine ( made of South African chromite , quartz-bearing materials in Ukraine and carbonaceous materials made in Germany ).

Type of packaging and packing negotiated with the consumer.

Guaranteed shelf life – 1 year (provided the integrity of the packaging and the correct transport and storage conditions to ensure the prevention of wet material and its packaging).


Chromite sand

Chromite sand, listed below , with its properties and chemical composition , with a relatively high melting point (over 2150 C) , has a relatively low (about 1100 C), the sintering temperature , and the mixture based on it have a high thermal shock resistance . Chromite sand has a high thermal conductivity, and heat storage capacity . With these capabilities it is possible to implement the directional solidification . PH neutral aqueous extract , as well as the desired value for the absorption of acid PH3 , pH 4 and pH 5 determine the possibility of using sand in this process HTS technology using acidic catalysts.

Chromite materials used in the foundry industry for bulky and thick-walled steel casting as a highly refractory material in the manufacture of foundry molds and cores ( both wholly and covering layer ), and also for the manufacture of thermally stressed parts of molds and cores.

South Africa

1000 kg net in big bege

in a closed storage spaces on wooden pallets. Guaranteed shelf life from date of manufacture – 1 year ( provided that the integrity of the packaging).



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