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Garnet sand

Garnet sand (Garnet) – the natural mineral, chemical inactive, homogeneous, non-metallic, used водоабразивных cutting machines as a tool. Water cutting + garnet abrasive is today the most efficient, flexible, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way of cutting. Abrasive garnet sand is extremely hard and heavy abrasive with a density of approximately 4.1 to 4.3 g/see Hardness of the abrasive garnet associated with its crystal structure and provides high resistance to fracture. Thanks to this ability garnet abrasive is actually sustained during the entire time of use. Thus, it turns out high quality of the cutting with the degree of roughness, depending on the grain size and speed of cutting.


  • Cleaning the surfaces of equipment, constructions and materials jet machines, sandblasting works (5-7 times more effective quartz, 2-3 .5 times reduces material consumption, more uniform processing rate increasing from 1.7 to 5 times).
  • Hydroabrasive cutting of various materials (concrete, metal, stone, glass) under high pressure (4000 ATM.) with water and garnet abrasive sand, with a minimum thickness of cutting up to 1 mm material thickness up to 120 mm
  • Traditional abrasives – наждачно-abrasive paper, circles, bars etc.
  • Gentle abrasives and pastes for grinding and polishing, precision optics, mirrors, leather, paper, wood, etc.
  • The excipient, composite when working with ceramics, электрокерамикой, artistic ceramics.
  • Oil industry (increase of oil recovery of oil reservoirs by 15-20%, cleansing of sediments, resins and paraffins on the mainline oil pipelines).

Not heated, dry area. Without limitation periods of storage.

Bags of 25 kg, with a polyethylene insert, arranged in a soft polypropylene container type big-bag, net weight – 1000 kg big bag with a mass of material – 1000 kg. net with polyethylene insert.

Australia, India and South Africa


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